Using a heavy bag calls for a bag stand that you can rely on for support and stability. You’re there pounding away and kicking that heavy duty bag and you don’t want it sliding all over banging into things and ripping from the ceiling. You need a stand of solid design and engineering that will allow for optimum performance and safety. Not all heavy bag stands are built the same so it takes a good look at which each has to offer and make the comparisons from the finest to know what the industry standards are and those products that exceed those standards. The manufacturers listed here are the most dependable and provide stands that are stable, durable, and affordable. That being said, let’s take a look at the top five heavy bag stands on the market today.


Product Rating Price
Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand (DTC) Black 4.6/5 $$
TITLE 2-For-The-Show Punching Bag Stand 4.6/5 $
Everlast - 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand 4.2/5 $$
Century Heavy Bag Stand 4.2/5 $
Amber Sports The Champ Heavybag Stand 3.6/5 $

Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand (DTC) in Black

First choice on this list is the Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand (DTC) in black. It’s for holding your bag steady if there’s no option for hanging your bag from the ceiling. It has a powder coated steel tubing that is combined with 3 weight plate pegs for optimum durability and strength. The unit is easy to assemble and will accommodate a heavy bag with a weight up to 100 lbs. It is 69” x 48.25” (W) and 84.13” in height.

Overall, a solid as a brick kind of heavy bag stand that is well designed and engineered. What’s extra cool is that you can put it outside or move it from one room to another unlike a ceiling based heavy bag. Low priced and just fine.

TITLE 2-For-The-Show Punching Bag Stand

Number two on this list is the TITLE 2-For-The-Show Punching Bag Stand. The stand is 64” deep x 48” wide and has an adjustable height that ranges from 88” to 94”. The stand weighs in at 80 lbs. The manufacturer states that the bag stand is technologically designed as a heavy bag and as a double end bag stations. It has a heavy duty steel I bolt on the top for hanging your heavy bags up to a weight of 100 lbs and a 3 bottom weight plate posts for adding addition weights. It has an additional double end bag I bolt on the opposite top and bottom security rings that allows for professional light punching bag exercise regimens. The unit is constructed of heavy duty power coated 1.5 mm gauge square tube steel.

Overall, a very strong heavy bag stand that is highly adjustable just where you want it all. You can change its height, add additional weights, and double up. That’s great for any level athlete and you can take the stand and move it about. Strong and resilient and affordable. A real top notch product.

Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

Third on this list is the Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand. The stand supports any heavy bag of up to 100 lbs and has a rugged powder coated steel tubing construction and engineering with three weight pegs to allow for optimum durability. It has an adjustable height speed bag platform that can accommodate all speed bag sizes. As a matter of fact the stand can accommodate both heavy bags and speed bags for even more exercise diversity. It measures 48.25” x 84” x 69” W x H x D. The sand alone weighs just over 70 lbs. It is easy to assemble You can count on Everlast as its a company that is over 100 years old and the foremost manufacturer in boxing equipment. That alone gives this unit credibility that you’ll rarely find elsewhere.

Overall, a real solid piece of equipment and the fact it handles speed bags as well makes it a multi purpose piece of exercise equipment suited for novice and pro alike. Add to that it is manufactured by Everlast and is very affordable, you can’t miss, no pun intended when picking up this heavy duty punching bag and speed bag stand.

Century Heavy Bag Stand

Fourth on this list is the Century Heavy Bag Stand. A simple, yet sturdy stand. I can hold up to 120 lbs of weight and has 3 inch tubular steel construction. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The company that produces this heavy bag stand is Century LLC that is devoted to martial arts and has developed this stand and other products. They’ve really expanded since being founded in 1976 and include products for boxing, martial arts, yoga, and of course MMA. This unit is just fine for what yo need in a heavy bag stand. You can move it around in your home or office or gym and its heavy duty construction won’t fail you.

Overall, a simple, but to the point heavy duty bag stand that hits all the basics. Just perfect for both novice and pro. Reasonably priced and with a warranty it is a definite good bargain and investment in your fitness routines.

Amber Sports The Champ Heavy Bag Stand

Finally, the fifth on our list is the Amber Sports, The Champ, Heavy Bag Stand. This bag stand can accommodate weights of up to 100 lbs and has the option to support a speedbag. It has 2 weight plate holders for support and stability, is made of heavy gauge steel, is scratch and rust resistant with a a powder coated finish that accommodates this. It doesn’t include bags or weights. It measures 86” x 60” x 48” H x W x D. The entire stand is easy to assemble and has a shipping weight of 50.4 lbs.

Overall, the addition of the speedbag support and heavy duty construction makes this heavy duty bag stand just what you’re looking for. As with the others, it an be moved about the house, gym, or office, and is a good beginner to pro level stand.

All five of these heavy duty bag sands are top of the line. The best thing about them is that they’re all constructed and engineereed for optimum efficiency and stability. All made from strong steel and powder coated to resist rust and scratching. The ability to add more support weight adds into the factors as some might have to do more damage and intense workouts than others. It’s all about performance of the company’s dedication to excellence with each of these stands clearly display. Getting one for the home, office, or gym means hours of excellent usage from companies that you can rely on. Affordable and well built, you can’t ask for more.