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Best Power Tower

Fitness pros and buffs will attest to the importance of the power tower.

These fitness apparatus are designed to maximize resistance, not only via weights, but from the person using their own body weight for resistance. They feature a design that allows for the fundamental exercises by which anyone in any fitness regimen should start off with. These fitness towers work the core of the body, the ligaments, tendons, muscle groups large and small. It takes the most discipline to do the exercises the power tower offers than any other exercises. Basically, this is where the rubber meets the road, where the true test of a person’s perseverance, endurance, and strength begins.

Best Power Rack

A power rack is a big piece of equipment that only the tried and true should purchase and use. It’s for those big heavy duty workouts. This is where pumping iron gets serious as the user will be handling big weights and to do that, needs a platform to hold the weights and take the punishment. A power rack takes up a good deal of space and isn’t portable. It doesn’t have monitors and other bells and whistles, but does provide for the real deal workouts that the big and the bold enjoy.