Fitness pros and buffs will attest to the importance of the power tower.

These fitness apparatus are designed to maximize resistance, not only via weights, but from the person using their own body weight for resistance. They feature a design that allows for the fundamental exercises by which anyone in any fitness regimen should start off with. These fitness towers work the core of the body, the ligaments, tendons, muscle groups large and small. It takes the most discipline to do the exercises the power tower offers than any other exercises. Basically, this is where the rubber meets the road, where the true test of a person’s perseverance, endurance, and strength begins.

Mastering the fitness tower will allow for greater strength, flexibility, endurance, and recovery as you add your special additional exercise routines. Bodybuilders benefit greatly as do even yoga enthusiasts, biking, swimming, jogging, and just about everything else. The exercises are simple, basic, and challenging. You do pullups, chin ups, dips, pushups, leg raises, knee exercises and more. You emphasize range of motion and most importantly form. Starting off with a power tower for about a month until you can do each exercise with ease, will allow for greater and faster gains with your other exercises.

That being said, let us now look at the top five fitness towers on the market.


Product Rating Price
XMark Power Tower with Dip Stand and Pull-Up Chin-up Bar XM-4446 4.9/5 $$
Bowflex BodyTower 4.3/5 $$$
Body Vision PT600 Power Tower 4.3/5 $
XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar XM-4434 4.3/5 $$
Stamina 1700 Power Tower 4.4/5 $$

Xmark Power Tower With Dip Stand And Pull Up Chin Up Bar XM-4446

The biggest, baddest power tower on the market so far is the Xmart Power Tower. It’ got all the bells and whistles you could want in a tower power, and has been designed and engineered to take the punishment of a vigorous workout and last for years.

Ergonomic design goes into effect here as the tower allows for more natural movements, full range of motion and less stress impact of the user. This took lots of study and brain power and it pays off. It’s sleek, one piece all in one device that allows you tot target those isolated muscle groups to get the maximum results from your efforts. We’re talking fine tuning here. You have exercise for the traps, three heads of the delts, triceps, abs, lats, biceps, quads, calves, and more. It’s the top of the body weight resistance devices. It’s got raised push up handles, vertical knee raise station, pull up bar with wide and narrow grips, rubber coated non slip grips for doing dips and pull ups.

The features include: Pushup and dip handles with rubber grips, dip handles spaced at 21.5” center to center and ergonomically designed, same with the hand grips for the vertical knee raise, wide and narrow grip pull up bar, extra thick 2.5” hi-density cushions, skid resistant feet to protect the floor from damage, double stitched tear resistant Duraguard vinyl, and scratch resistant power coated finish.

The specs are:

Frame color is white, the vinyl color is black. Back cushion dimensions are 14” L x 11” W. Forearm pads are 12” L x 4” W, the assembled dimensions are 54.50” L x 48” W x 86” H, 14 gauge 2” x 2” steel construction.

It’s easy to see why this power tower tops the list. Customers can’t stop raving about it and that’s just for starters. It will cost you around $200 plus to buy one, but there are deals with discounts as well as used equipment. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this power tower.

The Bowflex Body Tower

The number two spot goes to the Bowflex Body Tower. It’s expensive, topping off at almost $500, but there are major discounts and used equipment for considerably more. What makes this power tower so high priced? Let’s take a look at what it offers.

It’s actually a multi-station workout power tower with EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that are adjustable enough for you to bring variety to your workout regimen. You can do over 20 exercises, all the important fundamental ones to build your core and to build quality muscle. You can do sit ups, push ups, pull ups, planks, squats, dips, leg raises, and lots more. It has a limited manufacturer’s warranty, and measures 50” x 77” x 50”, W x H x D and weighs about 120 pounds and can tolerate a 300 lb maximum user weight. It has a stable steel frame with sling straps, hand grips, cushioned back pad and workout placard.

This power tower is indeed top of the line. The only reason it hits second is that it doesn’t emphasize the ergonomic design and engineering and its price is steep. That doesn’t mean the Bowflex Body Tower isn’t worth purchasing, it is a top of the line machine that is engineered and manufactured to top specs. Worth the investment for sure. Just 6 weeks of regular use and you’ll see the price isn’t an issue at all. It’s because working the fundamental exercises builds a platform that will last a lifetime as the body has memory, and even if you’ve slacked off for months or years, when you start up again, a good percentage of that strength and resilience will return faster.

Minor complaints regard certain pieces not at top specs. However, these are minor and can be replaced under the warranty. Stability is a minor issue but that might be due to the surface the tower is placed on. Overall, the reviews find it built extremely well of fine materials.

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Third on this list is the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower. This unit is highly affordable from the list price of $299, you’ll easily find it available, new, for half that price and lower for used equipment.

This is a multi-station power tower for the entire body. It’s as basic as you can get yet versatile enough to do lots of exercises professionally. You can do pull ups and chin ups at the station with multiple grip positions. You can work the leg raises, triceps and lower abs with both the dip station and leg raise station. It has a padded back and arm cushions, slip resistant foot grips that double as push up bars, and is height adjustable. The unit is easy to set up just about anywhere.

Product dimensions are:

42” x 43” x 85” and weighs in at 70 lbs. That’s lightweight enough to place just about anywhere. There is a manufacturer’s warranty, so if you purchase by credit card, check your credit card company for any extended warranties too.

Customer reviews laud the construction. Sturdy even for people in the 200-300 lb range. That says a lot. Some people found the width of the grips unaccommodating but others had no problem with it. Best to look at the unit to see if you feel it would fit your height and size. Other than that, this power tower is a basic unit with all you’ll need to start your regimen or fine tune it.

The Xmark Power Tower With Dip Station And Pull Up Bar XM-4434

Like its big brother at the top of this list, the Xmark Power Tower XM-4434 is a full bodied unit that hits all the right marks at a reasonable prices. It lists for around $240, but you will find some at the $170 plus range for a new unit and less for used.

It has power and construction and is ergonomically designed and engineered. Focusing mostly for the upper body, back, and abs, this also has pullup and chin up bar, dip handles, raised push up handles, all the fundamental things you’ll need to build up your core muscles and get a start on expanding your exercise goals.

The features include:

Dip handles and rubber grips with a 21.5” spacing, rubber grip posts for the vertical knee raises, push up handles with rubber grips, extra thick 2” high density cushions, wide and narrow grip pull up bar, double stitched and tear resistant Duraguard Vinyl, Skid resistant feet to protect the flooring, baked on and scratch resistant powder coating finish.

The dimensions come in at 14” L x 11” W, forearm pads at 12” L x 4” W, 14 gauge 2” x 2” steel construction. It weighs in at 54.5 x 48 x 86 inches and 85 lbs.

Customers have few complaints and the pluses are the ergonomically designed parameters, brand name, and construction. Overall a good unit to have.

The Stamina 1700 Power Tower

Last but not least is the Stamina 1700 Power Tower. This unit will cost you at list price of $250 but can be had for much less around $180 or less for new and used.

This is a multi-station power tower that is designed and engineered for both upper and lower body exercises. You can do all the standard fundamental exercises like sit ups, pull ups, push ups, chin ups with multiple grip positions, dips, an vertical knee raises. It has a padded vinyl forearm and back supports with foam hand grips The frame is steel, with no slip end caps. It has a five year frame warranty and 90 day parts warranty.

Stamina has going for it a long history of quality products featuring celebrity endorsers like Body by Jake, Tony Little, and Suzanne Somers.

The basic specs include 53 x 16 x 9 inches and 94 lbs.

Customer reviews for this power tower are tops. The only down side is that it’s not ergonomically designed. That’s it, other than that you will be hard pressed, no pun intended, to find a better power tower for this price anywhere on the market.

So that’s our roundup of the top five power towers on the market today. Each has its own special goodies and setbacks, but all perform well on the spectrum.