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Best Ankle Weights of 2019

Ankle weights have been around for a long time. They’ve improved over the years with different ways to attach them to your ankles and material and design. Nowadays, ankle weights are more stylish and attractive. They absorb sweat and are more durable as well as trendy. No more clunky looking ankle weights that also could damage the ankle and foot, but today’s ankle weights are designed for better safety and comfort.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells of 2019

Is not a secret that most people like to try creating a gym in their house, for a comfortable feeling when working out or when the gym is quite far from their place. Going to the gym seems a way you prove growing up for those in their 20s and a way to meet friends or motivate yourself that paying a sum per month will make one come and build muscles, but for a person with a career and not so much time there is much easier and effective to purchase tools suitable for a set of exercises.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves of 2019

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us workout because we want to look good, but there is no point in looking good if the moment you shake hands with someone or just touch them ever so slightly, they can feel the calluses in your palms from the workout. Avoiding the formation of calluses is one of the main reasons why people practicing with weight lifting wear gloves, but there are several more reasons that you need to take into consideration.

Best Weighted Vest of 2018

Weighted vests add that extra poundage to allow for growing more muscle mass. These vests have undergone significant design changes over the decades but are still an essential accessory for the hardcore power and body building community. They’re not to be taken lightly however, and being in good shape before you put one on is a good idea. Here, we take a look at the top three best weighted vests and why they make the grade.