The ears nose and throat are part of an interrelated system and that can get quite confusing when it comes to confronting with a pain at the level of the head or face.

The tool that comes handy in a situation like this is an otoscope, a medical instrument used by doctors to determine which the source of the pain is. An ENT specialist is the one to visit when you feel like the source of your pain represents a serious problem. The doctor, usually an otolaryngologist, will know exactly what’s troubling you only after a look in the internal ear, with the help of an otoscope. In order to get a correct diagnose a doctor has to receive a clear view of the canal and, most important, the tympanic membrane.

The lenses of an otoscope are considered its heart. Clean lenses that are made of high- quality anti-scratch glass can offer an accurate image that will lead to a correct diagnose and a effective treatment to help you stop the infection and eventually heal. The best part about using an otoscope is that it can be used by almost anyone. Think about all the moms that have to rush to the hospital because their child has an earache. The pediatrician usually recommends a treatment that could’ve been applied by the parents themselves without any worries if only they had a special tool to identify the source of the problem. An otoscope is compact, easy to use and storage, available right out of the box and, if you have two spare batteries around the house it can also be used anytime.

If you plan to purchase such a medical tool for your practice, your medical office, to have it in your house or even to offer it as a gift you should consider the following:

• If it is powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries

• If it comes with a battery included

• The number and sizes of its specula

• Halogen illumination or LED light

• Non-fiber optic or fiber optic illumination

Next, you’ll find the description and comparison of the best five otoscopes.


Product Rating Price
Welch Allyn 22820 PocketScope Otoscope 4.2/5 $$
4th Generation Dr Mom LED POCKET Otoscope 4.9/5 $
NEW RA Bock 3.2V Bright White LED OTOSCOPE SET 4.2/5 $
Welch Allyn Pocketscope Jr. Otoscope With Aa Handle 4.1/5 $
Cross Canada 11-129 Rechargeable Fiber Optic LED Otoscope 4.3/5 $$

Welch Allyn 22820 PocketScope Otoscope

When you have to use an otoscope, if you’re either a doctor or a mom, you know that a good visibility it’s all that matters for you to decide if there’s something wrong and that’s why we present you this Welch Allyn otoscope. Designed to be lightweight yet resistant, it offers great visibility due to its fiber optics for cool light: there won’t be any obstruction or reflection. This a tool meant for both a stay at home mom that needs it from time to time or an ER doctor who needs it for all his shifts, day or night. If you work in a hospital, the incorporated light saves you from walking around the gurney to reach the light in the wall. Easy to use right out of the box, this otoscope is a great investment.

What’s to like ?

• The otoscope uses two AA alkaline battery (placed in the handle)

• It has a good magnification

• For a true color and tissue consistency, there is a halogen light

• It has long-lasting illumination

• The viewing angle is large and it comes with a viewing lens for a better and closer image

• In order to add more versatility, the illuminator is built-in (penlight)

• The batteries are replaceable (not rechargeable)

• You can use curettes through the instrument head if there’s need (the window can slide off sideways)

• It comes with 4 additional speculum pieces (the standard 4 sizes of disposable specula)

• It has a standard interface and locking mechanism for its specula

• Great for medical students of physicians that look for a portable otoscope

• The handle is sturdy and comfortable to hold

What’s not to like?

• It has smaller heads than the otoscopes mounted in a wall since it is a pocket scope

4th Generation Dr Mom LED POCKET Otoscope

Made with a heavier metal material than the model before this one, Dr. Mom LED Pocket Otoscope is compact, very sturdy and easy to hold and control in the hand, a great helper when it comes to dealing with wiggly children that won’t stay still for their examination. No matter if you’re an otolaryngologist or a worried parent you should have an otoscope near when a crying child has a sore ear. One of the best information you can get with this otoscope is a web link with 30 pictures that are high-resolution and include eardrum pathology (with instruction written by an ENT specialist) so you can identify an infection, inflammation or any other problem.

What’s to like ?

•It uses only one AA battery

• The otoscope is shock resistant and is easy on battery life

• Its Soft LED light use very little battery and the bulbs should never need a replacement

• The optical lenses that are incorporated offer a real value

• The otoscope uses standard disposable specula

• It comes with both specula sizes: for adult and for children (its specula sizes are: 4.75 mm for adults and 2.75 mm for children)

• The optical lenses are scratch resistant and the glass is high quality, offering a clear image

• In order to use it as a throat illuminator (or even at all-purpose penlight), all you have to do is to unscrew the head of the otoscope

• The bulky sized handle is sturdy and extremely resistant, suitable to use in critical environments

• Besides the adult and children specula, it comes with an entire set

• It comes in a durable case

What’s not to like?

• The LED light is bright white and may slightly change the color of the eardrum

NEW RA Bock 3.2V Bright White LED OTOSCOPE SET

This Otoscope set is all nicely packed in a zippered case, making it easy to carry around, protect the otoscope and look professional. The clarity and definition of this tool are impressive: you’ll see the exact color and shape of the eardrum and tissues in the internal ear. Designed for optimum performance it is suitable for medical students, stay at home moms, ER doctors or otolaryngologists specialists. Made from the finest materials, this otoscope is comfortable, easy to hold in the palm of the hand and not too heavy yet sturdy.

What’s to like ?

• It includes a specula adaptor

• It comes with 3 sizes of reusable specula

• The glass lenses are scratch resistant

• It is also compatible with disposable specula (recommended to avoid spreading infections)

• It has a Chrome plates Brass construction

• The otoscope uses 2 standard C batteries

• The glass lenses can take up to 5x magnification

• Its batteries are rechargeable and last long

• The head of the otoscope attaches to the handle with an advanced design (a Luer-Lock mount) instead of the small screw that usually held the held the head in one place

• The bulb lights have an ultra-bright high intensity of 3.2 V for the best visibility

• The lenses swing aside for cleaning and easy access

What’s not to like ?

• The 2 standard C batteries are not included so you should buy them before trying to use the otoscope

Welch Allyn Pocketscope Jr. Otoscope

This Welch Allyn otoscope has all you need to perform an internal ear examination either you’re at home, in a doctor’s office or a vet’s office. It is important for you to know what you’re buying so do not expect every otoscope to feel and look like the one you saw your pediatrician or ENT specialist using but expect from this product to do the job it is supposed to get done: to help you see inside the ear and check if there’s an inflammation, infection or any other problem that may cause aches.

What’s to like ?

• It’s so lightweight that you can carry it around in your pocket without it troubling you

• It is suitable for use on both adults and children

• It has a good magnification and offers a clear image

• It features an on/off switch near the steel clip and you can switch it by moving your thumb upward and downward

• It comes with 5 reusable specula (including adult and child sizes)

• It is a product suitable for home use, safe with children and offers the same results as a professional tool

• It comes with a halogen bulb that can be replaced if needed

• It has all the instructions you need in user’s manual

• You can use it with a pneumatic bulb: there is a port on its side to plug in

• It uses two AA batteries

• It is great as a gift for medical students, vets or parents

What’s not to like ?

• The on/off switch feels a bit cheaply designed but it does its work

Cross Rechargeable Fiber Optic LED Otoscope

This Rechargeable Fiber Optic LED otoscope is a simple tool, designed to last and give you clear images in both well illuminated and poorly illuminated environments. Recommended for moms, vets and doctors that perform hospital visits and examinations, this otoscope set has all you need to recognize and diagnose correctly any problems in the internal ear area. The set contains: the Fiber Optic LED Otoscope head, a rechargeable handle, a charging base, a USB cable/plug, 8 specula, a hard case and a user’s manual with all the instructions you may need.

What’s to like ?

• It features 3x optical lens magnification

• It has a Ni-MH rechargeable battery

• It comes with 8 reusable specula

• Its hard case it’s resistant and perfect for those that need to carry the set from home to an office

• It features an AA handle that also has an on/off switch integrated into the pocket clip

• The battery provides 20-hour use when charged for 24 hours

• Its fiber optic lenses give a clear image and an obstruction-free transmission

• The optical lenses are made to reduce reflection

• The swivel lens permit instrumentation if there is need

• There is also an insufflator port (with the insufflator included)

• It can take up to 1,200 charge cycles

What’s not to like ?

• If you plan using this otoscope for several hours you might want to let it charge overnight so you’ll have sufficient battery the next day


Before using an otoscope is better to inform about the exact steps and additional tools you may need so you’ll be prepared to examine an ear canal and tympanic membrane even if you never touched such an instrument in your whole life. If there is an infection it is most probably that an examination will cause pain or at least discomfort so it is important to listen to your patient and try to be as gentle as possible. Before inserting the speculum in the ear you should make sure that it is properly cleaned and sanitized before in order to prevent the spread of an infection (or change the speculum if you have disposable ones).

While the specula come in different sizes you need to choose the one that feels the most comfortable in the patient’s ear (especially if you’re examining a child) and the one that helps you get a clear image. If you are planning to use an otoscope designed for home use, consider asking a pediatrician or ENT specialist to show you how to properly use it and what to look for when performing an ear examination.