Weighted vests add that extra poundage to allow for growing more muscle mass. These vests have undergone significant design changes over the decades but are still an essential accessory for the hardcore power and body building community. They’re not to be taken lightly however, and being in good shape before you put one on is a good idea. Here, we take a look at the top three best weighted vests and why they make the grade.


Product Rating Price
Titin Weighted Shirt System Navy 4.4/5 $$$

Best Budget Weighted Vest: ZFOsports 40 lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest

This vest is the best by for the budget conscious. It can be had for $57 on sale, and $120 retail. This vest has a maximum weight of 40 lbs and all the weights are removable so you can start at a lower weight and build yourself up if you choose. It’s designed to provide extra resistance to the workout especially if you’ve maxed out a workout and want more. The weight adjustability is in 2.5 increments and is contoured to keep a tight fit allowing for movement during your workout regimen. Men and women can use the vest as it is adjustable. It has a Velcro vest to keep the vest tight.

The dimensions are 15” x 12” x 2”.

Excellent for both starter and experienced people.

Best Overall Weighted Vest: MIR 50 lbs Pro Long Style Adjustable Weighted Vest

Just under a retail price of $200, this vest can be gotten for around $160 at discount. The MIR 50 lbs Pro Long Style Adjustable Weighted Vest has double padding and lining all through the body and shoulder for snug fit and comfort. The weight increments are at 3 lbs with two Velcro belts, one size fits all and in addition, the vest can be adjusted to carry a maximum of 75 lbs, more for the person who wants to really max out their workouts.

This vest is said to have been especially designed for crossfitness workouts. Customers give it the utmost in top reviews and that means they’ve tried and tested this weighted vest to the point where the quality is unquestionable.

Titin Weighted Shirt System

Looking like something from a James Bond movie, this weighted vest is actually a weighted shirt called the Titin Weighted shirt System.

It may be a weighted vest/shirt, but you could wear this to a party and make quite a fashion statement. It retails at a low price of about $215 to $259 and for good reason. They also come in a variety of colors for men and women making the vest much more attractive and innovative. It’s because the company Titin is actually the only weighted compression apparel company. The weights are gels and can be heated or frozen to allow for that temperature to last for almost 45 minutes. This is real space age technology applied to fitness, weight loss, and strength training. The inner pocket shirt and outward compression shirt are created with a moisture wicking material to squash odor and germs.

A joint study in association with Under Armour and Titin showed an increase of lactate intake by 25% vertical by 13%, and endurance by 11%. It also showed a top end speed of 3% as well as strength and agility.


This small list of the best begs for more understanding of what a weighted vest can do. Because of the various designs, the bottom line is that if wearing one of these for a while, even as short as a week, improves one’s performance, then all the better.

You’ll find that athletes in a variety of sports use these vests and for good reason. Sometimes an athlete will hit a plateau. They’ve run the fastest and farthest, lifted the most the longest, swam the farthest and fastest, and then need something extra to boost their statistics. A weighted vest is sort of like that old story of Superman, where he could leap tall buildings with a single bound because the gravity on his homeworld of Krypton was greater than the gravity of Earth. The same principle applies here. By adding extra weight, the body reacts as though it were in a heavier gravity environment. It will then build stronger bone density, tendons, ligaments, and of course muscle. That’s why after you’ve worked out with a weighted vest and then take it off you have to watch your step or you might accidentally walk into a wall with speed.

It doesn’t take the maximum weight of these vests to achieved benefits either. Sometimes as little as 10 lbs can do the trick. Soon you’ll hit the next plateau and easily add a few more pounds, rinse and repeat. That’s why people recovering from accidents or old folks with bone problems can use a weighted vest to build themselves up. Another benefit is calorie burning. These vests put some stress on the body and in order to compensate, burn off calories for energy. Used smartly with a doctor’s supervision and you’ll find out the true value of these weighted vests.