It is not really a rare sight, seeing people use resistance bands for muscle building. Having these bands in your kit can add a complete new approach to your daily exercise regime. From runners, athletic trainers to commoners looking forward to lose some pounds can make use of these bands.

Having the right resistance bands by your side means, you have the right alternatives to weight lifting. They are very compact and can be easily carried off. The amazing part is resistance bands can be used by people irrespective of their ages. Here, have a look at the top 5 best resistance bands available in the market.


Product Rating Price
Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band Carrying Case 4.7/5 $$$
DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands 4.8/5 $
Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band, Resistance & Stretch Band 4.8/5 $$
Resistance Loop Bands Set of 5 by USA Fitness Elite 4.9/5 $
Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands 4.6/5 $

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products resistance bands are especially designed for the fitness freak in you. Made from highest quality rubber, once you purchase these resistance bands, you can be sure that you do not have to replace them anytime soon. The set includes door anchor, ankle strap, cushioned foam handles and five color coded bands of different resistance. Along with the bands, you will be given a get started guide to help you start the resistance exercise at home. This band can withstand a weight up to 75 pounds and there is a metal grip for attaching to handles with soft grips. The band has a length of 48 inches.

You can make use of the exercise bands to achieve multiple levels of resistance, as these bands offer you much wider range than any other available resistance band sets. You can make use of any combination of bands at any given point of time. It is extremely easy to make use of the bands, even if you find it intricate at any point of time. You can check out the guidebook that comes with the set. The wide range of resistance bands can be used perfectly by the experts as well as the amateurs.

Black Mountain Products manufacturers are acknowledged for developing quality exercise equipments to be used at home. They have a wide product line of resistance bands that you can use at your convenience. This particular product comes with a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer and will get replaced in cases of any wear and tear during this aforementioned period.

DynaPro Direct Resistance Bands

Though made for perfect gym quality, DynaPro resistance bands are a perfect companion to your home exercise regime. With the availability of these resistance bands, gone are those days when you needed to lift heavy weights to get back in shape. It has got comfortable D-handles which can give the user immense comfort when he or she is making repeat movements. Moreover, the length can be adjusted as per the individual needs of the user. The length is 66 inches and the black one can withstand a weight of 50 LBS. This is one such brand that is being recommended by the personal trainers as well as doctors. The sleek exercise bands can be carried along, no matter where you go and that is what makes these bands perfect even when you are vacationing in some other parts of the world.

DynaPro resistance bands are made up of one hundred percent latex and that certainly gives you the quality assurance you deserve. Additionally the products from DynaPro come with 90 days guarantee. The bands are essentially color coded, each color denoting a different resistance. You can make use of different bands as per your convenience.

Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band, Resistance & Stretch Band

If you are in a secret mission to lose those extra pounds without hitting gym, then it is high time that you opt for the steel adjusted resistance bands. These bands have become a very sought after option by many, but it is never a good option to buy the resistance bands of poor quality. The Serious Steel resistance bands are ideal for pull-ups. As you make purchase of them, you can easily take your home exercise routine to a different level altogether. There are six different resistance bands available in the pack, each band is color coded with different resistance level. They are very useful if you want to do exercise of small muscle groups or going for speed or stretching. For larger muscle groups, tension is moderate. These bands are ideal for the exercise needs of every individual, regardless of the age.

The Serious Steel Resistance bands are designed in such a way that it stimulates and optimizes your muscles, helping you get the desired body. The Resistance bands are also known as kinetic bands, as using them generate kinetic energy, which eventually results into strengthening your muscles. These bands are often used by the runners and the athletes for especially for strengthening the knee and leg muscles. As you purchase this product, you will also get a 90- days return. Post buying the Serious Steel Resistance Bands, the e-guide will get emailed to your id.

Resistance Loop Bands Set of 5 by USA Fitness Elite

The super strong Resistance Loop Bands are just perfect for everyday exercise. Who does not want to have a great figure? But due to hectic lifestyle, often people do not get chance to join a gym. If you have the Resistance Loop Bands set at home, you can start exercising at home without much hassle. The thing that deserves special mention here is you can carry these bands anywhere you want for a full body workout. Resistance Loop Bands from USA Fitness Elite are the right product for every health and fitness lover. These bands come in 5 different types according to the resistance power – very very heavy, very heavy, heavy, medium and light. USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands set comes with a 5 different color coded resistance bands, each color denotes a specific resistance level. If you have not yet used the resistance bands for exercise, you must know that it offers you full body workout in just few simple steps. You can consult the exercise guide book to make proper use of the bands. The bands are made quite durable and are designed to use by people irrespective of age.

There are multiple benefits of using resistance bands from USA Fitness Elite over others, the first and foremost point is color coded different resistances, which help you identify your resistance level quite easily. Again, these bands are quite light weight, 12 inches in length and easy to carry along when you are traveling, enables you to empower whenever you want. The bands from USA Fitness Elite have extra long bands as compared to their competitors and hence you enjoy more freedom when it comes to exercising with your resistance bands. The products from USA Fitness Elite are made up of natural latex, which makes it safe to use. The products from USA Fitness Elite have lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer’s end. If you do not find the products satisfactory, you can also get it replaced.

Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

Using the Phantom Fit resistance loop bands is a secret to get the perfectly toned body. Gone are those days, when you needed to make use of the highly expensive gym equipments to reduce those annoying extra pounds. You do not have to consider workout as a hassle, it is fun and exciting to make use of these bands. Resistance bands were initially used by the runners and the athletes, however due to their multiple benefits they can now be used by anyone and everyone. You can use the Phantom Fit latex resistance loop bands for the perfect squats, pull-ups, stretching, and bicep exercises. You can mix and match the bands to find the suitable resistance level as you exercise each day.

Resistance bands from Phantom Fit are the absolute best solution because they are ideal for physical therapy and you do not have to go out to a gym for intense workouts. As you use these bands, it not only helps you shed those pounds but strengthen your muscles as well. The resistance loop bands from Phantom fit are made up of durable latex, which ensure that you do not have to replace the bands once you purchase them. The different colored bands are meant for a specific resistance and therefore it becomes easy for you use them as per your convenience. Along with the set you get a nylon carrying case, so that you can carry these bands whenever you are traveling. If at any point of time you find it difficult to use these bands, you can consult the manual guide that comes with the set.


The Resistance bands are the wonder product if you wish to lose weight within the least possible time. All you just need is to spend some little time using them and you get well acquainted about the ways to use then effectively. Depending on your convenience you can make use of the low, medium or high resistance bands. You can also use a combination of the bands every day. The affordable price of the resistance bands, as compared to the heftily priced gym equipments is definitely a matter to take into consideration. You will easily get these bands online.